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26 February 2007 @ 09:45 pm
Sorry! Miyavi's been busy lately! Can you forgive him? Maybe if he dances for you? Miyavi's a good dancer, I bet'd you'd like that. Come now!~ You know you want it.

So guess what I did on the 17th! I did my first real performance in the U.S.! That's why I've been so absent lately! I went back to Japan for a bit do take care of some business there and do a photo shoot or two, then it was back to the U.S. for Valentines!

Miyavi was all alone for Valentines! Sure, I had my fans and I spent some time with my sister, but I didn't have anyone to kiss and make love to. I think... I'm sad about that. I would have really liked to share the day with someone, to tell them that I loved them, ooey-gooey things like that.

So back to Las Vegas! The performance was on the 17th at a club called Tabu. It was a fairly nice, club, good atmosphere and the staff were really cool. When I first got there, I just kinda chilled, waiting around for the show to start, etc, drink my water, ladeedadeeda. Then omgz one of the hostess come up to me and start dancing on my table! Hm... Miyavi not know what to think!

So I got up and danced with her. Damn I'm cool, eh? Haha, next thing I know there are about 6 or so girls up there with me and we're all dancing to Hollaback Girl and Sexyback. After a while I sat back down though and just hung out with a couple of the hostess TRANSLATOR FREE!

Finally it was time to get up and do ma thing! I music-battled the bongo-man, Casey, first. He was damn good. I played on my acoustic with him. It was medium hard. Kinda hard but then not much. Haha, but I naturally wanted to play with him rather then against him. I definitely got inspired! Same thing happened with the DJ that Iplayed against. Then the three of us ended up going against each other! It was a forceful threesome!

After that, I signed some stuff for fans, hugged and kissed my fans, then went to the hotel and crashed...

PHOTO FROM LV!Collapse )

Bye-bye now!

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10 December 2006 @ 07:18 am
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Miyavi says 'Friend's Only!'